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Conversations With God (Book 1)

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Rating: 7.62 | Votes: 1592

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There is only one reason to do anything: as a statement to the universe of Who You Are.

Neale Donald Walsch
By Neale Donald Walsch | comments
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Rating: 8.73 | Votes: 11
All attack is a call for help.

Neale Donald Walsch
By Neale Donald Walsch | comments
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Rating: 9.08 | Votes: 13 Visitors' Reviews / Comments

Submitted by Unknown
Does it answer all your questions? If not, just ASK... :)

Submitted by Unknown
This book has certainly opened my eyes. Wonderful read. Very inspiring. Beautiful.

Submitted by Unknown
Just takes you to a jolly ride

Submitted by Unknown
Changed my life. Started me on my spiritual journey. Words can not express. Read it -- it's not only profound, but fun!

Submitted by Unknown
Very inspiring, read it if you can, it will question everything you ever believed and will take you on a pleasant journey, once I started reading it I could not put it down, it's message is old, not new, but it is still fresh, and it will still appeal to anyone. I highly recommend it.

Submitted by Unknown
Book one is an awsome document. You must truly have an open mind to get the true meaning of this book. You must think outside what is possible. The information on the 10 Commandments is the most powerful in the book. Because if all is God,Who would he command?

Submitted by Unknown
Neale D. Walsch has used the wisdom of the East to explain in layman's terms how to lead a better life. His explanation of the phrase "Jesus christ died for us" was astounding. I never got a convincing answer from any preacher or christian.

Submitted by Unknown
IF ANYONE IS READING THIS, this is one of the very few books not to pass on a shelf. Pick it up, read it, judge for yourself, please. This book has changed my life.

Submitted by: Seth
I was in a book store today and saw this book on the shelf and picked it up wondering what it was about. I sat there and read almost the whole thing. I wasn't disgusted or angry. But I was very sad and concerned. Sad that a man was so helpless and hopeless in his situation that he was open to lies like this, and concerned about how many people were actually taking this seriously and following it as a truth. 1) The truth is that God did create us in his image...but that does not mean I am God, ex. I am a product of my mother and father and have traits of both...but that does not mean I am them.
2)To say there is no evil or wrong is great wishful thinking...but is not true. If there is no wrong..then why if someone does "wrong" by us we hurt, and if pain is just thinking, then it is "wrong" thinking. The truth is there is right and wrong, and good and evil, God and a devil.
3) There are too many to count misquotations and misrepresentations from the bible in the book. SO many scriptures were taken out of context and if it truley was God, i do not think he would misquote things he said in Leviticus, Deuturonomy, Genisis, etc.

I could seriously go on forever about things that completely go against the bible and God's word or "experience."

The truth is that because of sin we ARE unworthy, but we are God's creation and he loved us so much that he sent his son to die to bridge the gap between sin and his love so we could have eternal life in Heaven with him. Because of that we are called to worship him, spread his love and follow through with the plans he has for our lives, and they are plans to prosper, not to harm us. I am praying for anyone who reads this book and finds it as a truth. This is my email if anyone would like to discuss it.