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The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

Thomas Merton
By Thomas Merton | comments
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There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

By Buddha | comments
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Since you alone are responsible for your thoughts, only you can change them. You will want to change them when you realize that each thought creates according to its own nature. Remember that the law works at all times and that you are always demonstrating according to the kind of thoughts you habitually entertain. Therefore, start now to think only those thoughts that will bring you health and happiness.

Paramahansa Yogananda
By Paramahansa Yogananda | comments
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Realize that now, in this moment of time, you are creating. You are creating your next moment based on what you are feeling and thinking. That is what's real.

Doc Childre
By Doc Childre | comments
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Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don't realize this because almost everyone is suffering from it, so it is considered normal. This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being.

Eckhart Tolle
By Eckhart Tolle | comments
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Things don't change, only the way you look at them.

Carlos Castaneda
By Carlos Castaneda | comments
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People only see what they are prepared to see.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
By Ralph Waldo Emerson | comments
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We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

By Pierre Teilhard de Chardin | comments
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Your soul mission is your reason for being, your life purpose. It's your calling in life--who you feel called to be, what you feel called to do. Mission is an energy that flows through you--a drive, voice, or passion that you cannot ignore... It's what you know in your heart you must live if you are to experience inner peace and harmony.

By Alan Seale | comments
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If you could only keep quiet, clear of memories and expectations, you would be able to discern the beautiful pattern of events. Its your restlessness that causes chaos.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
By Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj | comments
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